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Kate Upton's photoshoot at age 15

EXCLUSIVE. Coleman-Rayner. Los Angeles, CA, USA. March 12, 2008 Plus-size model superstar, Kate Upton has become famous for her sexy curves and killer confidence, but photographer, Steven Burton reveals never-before-seen photos he took of the young model at the age of 15 before she developed into her curvaceous figure. Pictured here is 15-year-old Kate Upton in a silver sequined cocktail dress with bright yellow pumps. CREDIT LINE MUST READ: Steven Burton/Coleman-Rayner Tel US (001) 323 545 7584 - Mobile Tel US (001) 310 474 4343 - Office www.coleman-rayner.com

See Kate Upton's Teen Modeling Pics

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Model and actress Kate Upton, 22, has worked for seven years to become the success that she is today. Want proof? Photographer Steven Burton photographed a 15-year-old Upton just after she'd signed her first modeling contract. Check out young Kate in the newly released shots.