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lady gaga gold louis vuitton wheelchair

After a hip injury that caused Lady Gaga to cancel the majority of her "Born This Way Ball" tour earlier this year, she vented her angst by commissioning luxury jewelry Ken Borochov of Mordekai to create a 24-karat gold plated wheelchair. Ironic that the singer received quite a backlash for using stylized wheelchairs and crutches as stage props.

But not to end her upgrades there, Gaga was seen in another custom wheelchair, this time adorned with Louis Vuitton monogrammed leather. We expect no less from Mother Monster!

Injury Style Solutions From Music Stars

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right? Who knew that being a music star also has its dangers, with high heels, dance moves and 3am McDonald's runs. But as superstar Mariah Carey has shown us last week, fashion heals all wounds. From feathered slings to bedazzled neck braces, here are some style solutions from music stars on how to turn medical aids into hot accessories. - by Tiffany Lee