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Ryan Lochte

The London Games will be the third Olympic outing for swimmer Ryan Lochte, 27, who has six medals: three gold, two silver, and one bronze. Although the Olympic heartthrob specializes in the backstroke, the Florida native holds the world record for the 4×200-meter freestyle relay and individually for the 200-meter and 400-meter. No wonder he's considered to be Michael Phelps' biggest rival "It's a rivalry that we've had for almost eight years now," Lochte said. "We've just been switching back and forth. It's hard to say who's the best swimmer because we're both great racers."

2012 U.S. Olympic Hotties

From swimmer Ryan Lochte to hurdler Lolo Jones, take a peek at some of the amazing athletes who will be representing the United States at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.