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Matt Damon: "Elysium"
He may be 42, but Matt Damon is currently in just as good shape as guys half his age … thanks to the fact getting ripped was a requirement for his starring role in the upcoming sci-fi action flick "Elysium." And, actually, despite the intense regimen it took to transform his body, Damon didn't mind having to put the extra work in. "I had to just literally go to the gym for, like, four hours a day," he told reporters at Comic-Con last year. "Which was kind of fun in its own way at my age, to be given an excuse to do that, because it's not something you'd ever really do otherwise!"

Major Movie-Role Body Transformations

Matt Damon got ripped for his role in "Elysium," which hits theaters August 9. Check out some other stars who hit the gym hard for an acting gig.