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Christie Brinkley

Even gorgeous supermodels have problems when it comes to love! "I can now say unequivocally I would never get married again,” Christie Brinkley told the Telegraph after her fourth marriage to financier Peter Cook resulted in a very public and very nasty divorce in 2008. (Cook was caught cheating with an 18-year-old girl.) Fortunately, her other three marriages didn't end quite as badly. She wed her first husband, artist Jean-Francois Allaux, in 1973, but the pair called it quits in 1981. The model was then married to singer Billy Joel, who penned "Uptown Girl" for her, from 1985 to 1994. That divorce was followed by a union with Ricky Taubman in 1994, but their union dissolved just one year later. Though she's clearly not afraid of taking the plunge, Brinkley has vowed her fourth failed attempt at marriage with Cook will be her last. "There's absolutely no reason to. I learnt in my divorce that marriage is ridiculous. You take a vow but you don't get brownie points when you honor your vow and the other person doesn't." (Credit: Mike Pont/FilmMagic)

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