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Ricky Martin

Although Ricky Martin kept mum about his sexuality for years, the "Livin' La Vida Loca" hunk who is the proud father of twin boys finally came out in March 2010, and couldn't be happier about his decision. "Today, I'm in touch with who I am and I have the opportunity to be in front of a camera and talk to millions of people," he said in an interview with Parade. "After I wrote [my memoir Me] and went on Oprah Winfrey, so many people have come to me, telling me, 'Ricky, thank you because I understand what acceptance is today.' 'Ricky, thank you. I feel better about myself because you have a very beautiful family and the words 'dysfunctional family' don't exist in your life.'"

Out and Proud in Hollywood

In honor of Gay Pride Month, check out the many celebs in 2012 who are out and proud of it!