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Heidi Klum Rocks 'Project Runway' Designs - Michelle Lesniak Franklin: Season 11 winner

Heidi Klum's All-Time Hottest Looks Designed by 'Project Runway' Contestants

Heidi Klum has already stirred up controversy for the upcoming season of "Project Runway": Recently, a revealing billboard for the Lifetime reality series was banned in Los Angeles. But the show is not about nude models worshipping at the host's feet; it's about discovering the best up-and-coming fashion designers! And the long-running competition series has been successful at surfacing some serious talent.

The best endorsement of all: Klum wearing contestants' garments to awards shows, movie premieres, fashion week, and even around town. Here are the fashion icon's most notable looks designed by "Project Runway" contestants. — Maya Salam, Yahoo! TV

"Project Runway" Season 12 premieres Thursday, 7/18 at 9 PM on Lifetime.