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Smartest Life Decision: Ditching Your Husband
Healthy living is also about shedding negativity, as Maria Shriver did when she dumped her philandering hubby Arnold Schwarzenegger after it was publicly revealed that he had fathered another child ... with their housekeeper! 56% of those survey believed that dumping Ah-nold was the wisest decision she could have ever made. Others who were applauded for leaving their spouses in 2011 were Jennifer Lopez (28%), who split from hubby Marc Anthony in July 2011 after seven years of marriage, and Eva Longoria (16%), whose divorce from NBA star Tony Parker was finalized in January 2011.

Stars Who Inspire for the New Year

Inspired by a certain celeb to make some life changes or shed a few pounds in 2012? Fitness magazine teamed up with omg! to survey 1,500 men and women and find out which Hollywood stars are most likely to rev up their New Year’s resolutions -- or not. Check out the results!