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Celebrity Trainer People Would Most Like to Take With Them to the Gym
While there are a lot of great fitness trainers on TV, 54% believe that former "Biggest Loser" trainer Jillian Michaels would be the most likely to be able to whip them in to shape! Gillian's partner in crime,Bob Harper nabbed 25% of the vote, while "Celebrity Fit Club's" drill sergeant Harvey Walden received 15%, and Jackie Warner of "Thinspiration" got just 7%.

Stars Who Inspire for the New Year

Inspired by a certain celeb to make some life changes or shed a few pounds in 2012? Fitness magazine teamed up with omg! to survey 1,500 men and women and find out which Hollywood stars are most likely to rev up their New Year’s resolutions -- or not. Check out the results!