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Tony Romo

Although his last season of football was a bust, Tony Romo, who was sidelined with an injury, scored a touchdown in his personal life when he and his wife, Candice Crawford (actor Chase Crawford's sister), welcomed a son, Hawkins Crawford, on April 9. It didn't take long for the Dallas Cowboys quarterback, 32, to adjust to fatherhood. Days after Hawkins was born, Romo gushed about him to the radio station KESN-FM. "It’s been fantastic,” he said. “You hear about it from your family and friends, but until you experience it, you really can’t put into words how it makes you feel. It’s just one of those things that for me, you can just tell that there’s a God. It just really shows you all the complexities of it. There’s such a sense of responsibility that it just overwhelms you … I’m one of those proud papas already."

First-Time Dads

Celebs from Jay-Z to Mike Myers to Hugh Grant are celebrating their first Father's Day ever this year thanks to their new bundles of joy.