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Eric Johnson

After welcoming daughter Maxwell Drew on May 1, Jessica Simpson's fiancé, Eric Johnson, is settling into fatherhood quite nicely. Not only has he earned the title of "quickest diaper changer," the new mom told People magazine, but he dotes on his little girl every chance he gets. (It actually started before the baby was born! After noticing she had long fingers like his during an ultrasound, he immediately bought her piano so she could play one day.) "He has found his calling," Simpson told the magazine. "Maxwell's definitely going to be a daddy's girl." As for the proud papa, the 32-year-old ex-NFL player gushed: "When you have your own kid, it's crazy. It's such an intense love, and so natural."

First-Time Dads

Celebs from Jay-Z to Mike Myers to Hugh Grant are celebrating their first Father's Day ever this year thanks to their new bundles of joy.