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Curtis Stone

While Curtis Stone isn't preparing meals for his son quite yet, he's doing just about everything else! The Australian chef, who welcomed Hudson Stone with girlfriend Lindsay Price on November 6, says he doesn't mind losing sleep over the baby boy. Asked by Rachael Ray if the infant is sleeping through the night, the 36-year-old "Around the World in 80 Plates" star answered, "Oh no. He sleeps through the night in increments. [But] you know what? He’s so cute I don’t care." Stone has said he’s changed for the better since becoming a father. “I'm much more selfless and humble and you're reminded about what life's really about,” he told the Australian paper Herald Sun. “You love your kid so much that you just want to be a brilliant role model for them. It cleans up your act a bit. Not that I was going to AA meetings and robbing banks, but it broadens you out as a human being."

First-Time Dads

Celebs from Jay-Z to Mike Myers to Hugh Grant are celebrating their first Father's Day ever this year thanks to their new bundles of joy.