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Tilda Swinton

With her flawless, perpetually glowing complexion and free-spirited style, Scottish actress Tilda Swinton certainly looks younger than her 51 years. Though she’s been in countless feature films as an adult, amazingly, as a young woman Swinton was so shy she refused to have her picture taken."There are pretty much no photographs in existence of me between the ages of about nine and 25,” the actress told Time magazine in December. “My shyness made me crafty... I got very good at sliding sideways out of the frame at the last minute."

Fabulous in Their 50s

Age really isn't anything but a number -- just ask George Clooney, Madonna, Julianne Moore, and Matthew Broderick, the newest member of the 50 and fabulous club! -- By Kathleen Perricone and Lizbeth Scordo, omg!