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Sean Penn

Sean Penn is as outspoken as he is a decorated actor. The two-time Oscar winner, 51, has angered people all over the world with his comments regarding other countries’ politics, including that of his own. In 2002, he paid $56,000 to place an ad in The Washington Post, urging President George Bush to end the war in the Middle East and calling him, Vice President Dick Cheney, and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice "villainously and criminally obscene people.” The letter was praised by Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, an enemy of the United States, who Penn became friends with and even visited in 2007. This past February, the actor – who was ordered to attend anger management classes in 2010 after he attacked a photographer – butted in between Great Britain and Argentina’s battle over the Falkland Islands, taking Argentina’s side.

Explosive Stars

Plenty of celebs, including Mel Gibson, Naomi Campbell, Christian Bale, and others, have become famous for their hot tempers.