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Paz de la Huerta

One thing is for sure: Paz De La Huerta and alcohol do not mix. The former “Boardwalk Empire” actress has been caught by the paparazzi on numerous occasions faling-down drunk everywhere from Hollywood to New York City. De La Huerta, 27, was such a hot mess at the 2011 Golden Globes, she was denied entry to an after-party. In March of that year, she was arrested for assault after she threw a drink – and a fist – at “The City” reality star Samantha Swetra. But it was her big mouth that got her into trouble last November when she blabbed a major plot point on “Boardwalk Empire” to a fan at a party. After the finale was spoiled, HBO was none too pleased and fired De La Huerta from the show.

Explosive Stars

Plenty of celebs, including Mel Gibson, Naomi Campbell, Christian Bale, and others, have become famous for their hot tempers.