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Lily Tomlin

Veteran actress Lily Tomlin knows the ins and outs of the movie business and wasn't shy about having her opinions heard while filming the 2004 movie "I Heart Huckabees." In one incident on the set, Tomlin ripped director David O. Russell while filming a car scene with Dustin Hoffman and a handful of other actors. She screamed and cursed like a sailor, even spitting the f word at Hoffman when he tried to calm her down. During another scene, which was also caught on film and ended up on the Internet, Tomlin complained about the numerous script changes and Russell, frustrated with the star, cursed her out and knocked papers off a table before storming out. Tomlin later said that despite the drama, she loved Russell, noting, "David was under a tremendous amount of pressure."

Explosive Stars

Plenty of celebs, including Mel Gibson, Naomi Campbell, Christian Bale, and others, have become famous for their hot tempers.