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Kanye West

Long before Kanye West was grabbing headlines as the boyfriend of Kim Kardashian, he was doing it all on his own. The rapper stormed out of the 2004 American Music Awards when he lost Best New Artist to country singer Gretchen Wilson. In February 2005, during a telethon to raise money for the victims of Hurricane Katrina, West, now 35, blurted out that then-President George Bush “doesn’t care about black people” on live television to the shock of the nation. The next year, he stormed the stage at the MTV Europe Music Awards when he lost for Best Video to argue that he should have won. West was equally upset when he failed to win any awards at the 2007 VMAs – and swore he’d never return to the MTV program again. Oh, but he did … and in a big way. Two years later, West, who has been arrested twice for attacking the paparazzi, took the microphone right out of Taylor Swift's hand as she gave her acceptance speech for Best Female Video to complain that Beyonce should have won because she had “the best video of all time.” The moment was so cringe-worthy, even President Barack Obama called West, now 35, a “jackass.”

Explosive Stars

Plenty of celebs, including Mel Gibson, Naomi Campbell, Christian Bale, and others, have become famous for their hot tempers.