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Daniel Giersch, Kelly Rutherford

Kelly Rutherford and Daniel Giersch In a real-life plotline worthy of a soap opera, the split between “Gossip Girl” actress Kelly Rutherford and French husband Daniel Giersch was ugly from the start. While pregnant with their second child, Rutherford filed for divorce, accused Giersch of cheating, and left his name off the birth certificate when daughter Helena was born in June of 2009. After a multi-year court battle, a judge ruled in August that 3-year-old Helena and son Hermes, 5, would live with their father in France, since earlier in the year Giersch’s visa was revoked (for reasons even Rutherford says she doesn’t know), forcing him to leave the United States. But Rutherford is continuing to fight to try to get the children back. “He could disappear tomorrow and I’d have no way to look,” she said on "The View" in September. “My biggest fear is that I wouldn’t know where they are.”

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