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Martina McBride

Martina McBride was already walking the fine line between country and pop music with hits like "This One's for the Girls" and "Valentine," her duet with Jim Brickman, when she worked on a collaboration with rocker Kid Rock and rapper T.I. in 2010. "It seems like an odd pairing, but I love that [Kid Rock] sees the real redneck in me," McBride said at a Billboard event. "There's a rapper called T.I. who raps the third verse. Kid Rock sings the first verse, I sing the second verse, and T.I. raps the third verse. Crazy, but it's really uplifting and it's a cool melody and it feels good."

Country Crossover Stars

Some country music stars are so popular that they transcend their genre. Artists such as Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, and Lady Antebellum are a big deal, no matter how far you are from Nashville!