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Busy Phillips

“Cougar Town” actress Busy Philipps, who’s mom to 4-year-old daughter Birdie with screenwriter husband Marc Silverstein and is currently pregnant with her second child, has admitted she doesn’t totally agree with other stars who have said that their children are all that matters. “I’ve read quotes before from actresses who say ‘Once I have my baby, it all falls away. Nothing is as important as my child.’ I think that’s a little false. I think if that is true then you’re putting way too much on your kid,” she told JimHalterman.com in 2009. “Birdie is amazing and such an incredible child and I’m having such a great time being a mom but I still want to have a career and I still look forward to auditions and parts and when I don’t get them I’m disappointed."


Celebs Who've Dared to Say There’s More to Life Than Their Kids

Celebrities love to gush over their children, insisting that parenthood is their greatest role they’ve ever gotten, best job they’ve ever had, and most amazing thing they’ve ever experienced. Once in a while, however, a star admits that being a mom or dad isn’t everything, that they wouldn’t want to be at home with the kids all day or that – gasp – there are times when it’s not fun.