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SiriusXM, Willie Nelson And Austin Mayor Lee Leffingwell Celebrate The Launch Of The New SiriusXM Studio

Willie Nelson may be nearly 80 years old, but the country legend still loves his weed and last fall released a book appropriately titled “Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die,” in which pot makes appearances in multiple chapters. His hobby has even gained him a new friend and recording partner: Snoop Dogg. "You know, me and Snoop smoke a lot," Nelson, who  serves as an advisory board member for marijuana legalization advocacy group NORML, told Piers Morgan last year. "I was in Amsterdam one time and Snoop called me and wanted me to sing on his record. And I said, 'OK.' He said, 'Where are you?' And I said, 'I'm in Amsterdam.' So he caught the next plane and come over. And we recorded a song together."

High Times in Hollywood: Celebs That Are Pro Pot

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For many celebrities, 420 is a national holiday. Take a look at which stars enjoy a little herb.