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Rick Ross, Busta Rhymes, Eric Bellinger And YG Perform At The Nokia Theatre L.A. Live

It’s no surprise to find Snoop Dogg on this list, but what might surprise you is that fellow pot proponent Bill Maher thinks the rapper indulges a little too much and told him so when Snoop stopped by “Real Time With Bill Maher” earlier this year. “I say this as a friend, and as someone who I think has impeccable credentials as a stoner: You smoke too much pot,” Maher laughed. But Snoop had as good of a response as they come: “I'm on a quest. I'm trying to catch somebody right now. I'm trying to catch the great Willie Nelson.” That’s gonna be tough, Snoop!

High Times in Hollywood: Celebs That Are Pro Pot

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For many celebrities, 420 is a national holiday. Take a look at which stars enjoy a little herb.