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An Evening Benefiting The L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center Honoring Amy Pascal and Ralph Rucci

Well, what do you know? The guy who starred in “Pineapple Express” likes to smoke weed! The actor announced during a press junket for “50/50” in 2011 that he already has a reputation as Hollywood’s biggest stoner and he’s “not worried about it at all.” When asked by David Letterman last year how he can “do anything” when he’s “that far looped,” Rogen responded by saying, “I don’t know! It just kind of happens sometimes,” and joked that he smokes pot so often that he’s “never really at zero, I don’t think. There’s a cumulative effect.”

High Times in Hollywood: Celebs That Are Pro Pot

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For many celebrities, 420 is a national holiday. Take a look at which stars enjoy a little herb.