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Harper's BAZAAR Celebrates Cameron Silver And Christos Garkinos Of Decades New Bravo Series "Dukes of Melrose" - Arrivals

Sophia Bush: Batman! I wanna be Batman. I also wanna kinda be Iron Man. I don't know what that means ... that all of the superheroes I want to be are boys. But I love them both. I love that they're both these pseudo-regular men who became capable of doing extraordinary things. Other than the fact that they're both billionaires. I'd like to be a billionaire! Who wouldn't? I could build a lot of schools if I had a billion dollars. That's why I love those two.

Celebs Reveal Their Favorite Superheroes

Since "Iron Man 3" hits theaters this weekend, omg! asked a few stars about their favorite superheroes. Read on to see if you agree with their choices.