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Scientologists, Beck, Giovanni Ribisi, Marissa Ribisi

Beck (center) was raised as a Scientologist in Los Angeles, and married a fellow church member, Marissa Ribisi, who happens to be the twin sister of actor Giovanni Ribisi. (Giovanni and Marissa are also second-generation Scientologists, who, ironically, were delivered by Beck’s mom, Bibbe.) When interviewed by the New York Times Magazine in 2005, the musician briefly addressed his involvement with the religion. ''It's been useful,'' he said. ''My dad's been doing it since before I was born.” The “Loser” singer also noted that he isn’t a fan of those who criticize Scientology. “Any kind of intolerance I have a distaste for,'' he stated, especially when it’s aimed at ''something that helps teach kids how to read, addicts to get off drugs, and convicts to start a new life.'' When asked how Scientology has helped him, Beck didn’t say much on the topic: ''It's a personal thing. I'm a musician. I'm not, like, a personality. I've never really pretended to perform that kind of function.''

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