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John Travolta, Kelly Preston

After meeting future husband John Travolta on the set of a film in the 1980s, actress Kelly Preston began practicing Scientology, a religion Travolta had been a part of since 1975, and the couple’s 1991 marriage was performed by a French Scientologist minister in Paris. In May of this year, Preston said on “The Conversation With Amanda de Cadenet” that her religion that helped her deal with the loss of her 16-year-old son Jett, who died in late 2008. “In Scientology, we have what’s called ‘auditing,’ and that helps you to address things in your life and to strip them away. It's a path of spiritual enlightenment. Also, it helps rid the mind of painful experience completely. Through that, the people at my church literally held my hand and got me through... I will forever be indebted,” she shared. Jett's death also brought attention to Scientologists’ denial of mental and neurological disorders and opposition to psychology and psychiatry. The couple had initially denied that Jett had autism, saying he suffered from a disorder called Kawasaki disease. During the trial of two men accused of extorting the family after Jett’s death, however, Travolta admitted for the first time that his son had indeed been autistic.

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