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Jenna Elfman

Jenna Elfman has said it was her husband, Bodhi, who introduced her to Scientology. “He didn't push it on me or anything,” the actress, who married Bodhi in 1995, told Mirabella. “I started becoming curious, from hearing him talk about it. I took a course where you get the basic concepts. ... Our founder, L. Ron Hubbard, [said] if it's true for you, it's true for you, and if it's not, it's not. There are all these misconceptions about someone pushing it on you.” Elfman was also included in a documentary called “Inside Scientology” in which she spoke about the church’s Celebrity Centre. “The Celebrity Centre is just like the stable datum of like, growth and sanity, and growing as an artist, and it’s just like I’m always safe when I come here,” she said.

Celebrity Scientologists

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