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Elizabeth Moss

On “Mad Men,” we watched our favorite copywriter Peggy, who was raised Catholic, deal with religious issues (and that pesky parish priest!) when she became pregnant after her affair. In real life, Elisabeth Moss was raised as a Scientologist, which is something she has happily embraced as she has grown older. Talking about Scientology, Moss told The Telegraph, “It’s not the same thing as going to church on Sunday. It’s self-applied. It involves reading – you have to make a choice.” The actress says it has helped her through difficult times, including her 2011 divorce from Fred Armisen. “Some people say that yoga really helps them to feel centered. And some people feel that being vegan is something that makes them more of themselves. Or Kabbalah. Or there’s Buddhism or whatever. I mean, I think that for me it’s one thing that has helped me at times, and it’s kind of as simple as that.”

Celebrity Scientologists

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