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Wynda Sykes

Comedienne Wanda Sykes, 48, had a double mastectomy in August 2011 to treat the breast cancer she had been diagnosed with six months earlier. The former "New Adventures of Old Christine" actress says she and her wife Alex were very open with their infant twins, Olivia and Lucas, about Sykes' choice to go ahead with surgery. "We never hid anything from the kids," Sykes told People in October 2011. "They were a huge part of my decision because I wanted to be around for them." She added, "I feel whole again, I really do. I've told them, 'Mommy's boo-boo is much better now.'" (6/19/2012)

Stars who beat breast cancer

Christina Applegate, Giuliana Rancic, and Sheryl Crow are just some of the celebs who've persevered — and in many cases thrived — despite the heartbreaking diagnosis of breast cancer. As we celebrate National Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October, check out some of their stories.