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3. Rendezvousing with the Biebs.
Like a lot of ladies, Gomez has that one relationship she just can't give up. The difference is that hers is playing out before all of us, because the object of her affection happens to be one of the biggest pop stars in the world. Since she and Justin Beiber called it quits after more than a year and a half together, they've been seen sneaking into each other's homes, hotel rooms, and private planes as they rekindle their romance … at least until their next breakup a few days later. Gomez's close friend (and fellow good girl) Taylor Swift confirmed that she, for one, is not so eager to see Jelena reunite when Swift was caught on video sticking out her tongue as Gomez and Bieber embraced backstage at the Billboard Music Awards.

Selena Gomez's Bad-Girl Moments

Selena Gomez is a good girl, but the former Disney diva has had her bad-girl moments. In honor of her 21st birthday — a time when all of us have been known to cut loose — on July 22, take a look back at the rare instances when Selena showed her naughty side.