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5. Partying in "Spring Breakers"
The former "Wizards of Waverly Place" cutie shocked fans when she revealed she planned to co-star as one of the bikini-clad co-eds in the racy movie "Spring Breakers," directed by controversial director Harmony Korine. In fact, Gomez advised her younger fans not to see the flick, full of drugs, alcohol, violence, and sex. Korine later explained that he couldn't even include some of the more explicit scenes in order to keep the 2013 film's R rating. "In the party scenes a lot of things got really graphic," he said on the DVD of the movie. "There were things I couldn't even show in the film that were probably crazy for [the actresses] to see." Meanwhile, the singer was photographed enjoying Miami during downtime from shooting, along with her on-again/off-again beau Justin Bieber, co-star Ashley Benson, and Benson's former boyfriend Ryan Good.

Selena Gomez's Bad-Girl Moments

Selena Gomez is a good girl, but the former Disney diva has had her bad-girl moments. In honor of her 21st birthday — a time when all of us have been known to cut loose — on July 22, take a look back at the rare instances when Selena showed her naughty side.