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Sheena Monnin, Donald Trump

Sheena Monnin, Miss Pennsylvania USA 2012
After not even placing in the Miss USA 2012 competition, Monnin charged that the Top 5 was “fixed” by claiming Miss Florida USA, Karina Brez, had seen the same names as the eventual Top 5 on a piece of paper backstage. Although Brez later said she had only been joking, Monnin still resigned as Miss Pennsylvania USA, but instead blamed it on the organization allowing “natural born males,” like Talackova to compete. “This goes against every moral fiber of my being,” she stated at the time. But Trump was still ticked nonetheless and the Miss Universe organization filed a $5 million lawsuit against Monnin for defamation. Although an arbitrator ruled in December 2012 that she must pay up, as of February 2013, she was granted an extension after receiving new legal counsel.

Biggest Beauty Pageant Scandals

Over the years, dozens of beauty queens from Miss USA to Miss America to Miss Universe have had to turn in their crown and sash for a multitude of reasons, including nude photos, underage drinking, drug use, physical assault, and in one case, even kidnap and torture. Here are some of the biggest scandals so far!