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Bobby Trendy

Who can forget Anna's very, um, colorful, interior designer, Bobby Trendy, who became a staple on her reality show. Although he and his client were constantly at odds over his over-the-top ideas, Trendy has had continued success with his Beverly Hills business of decorating and staging homes -- and he has Anna Nicole to thank. "[She] made me famous," he said in 2007. "I'm forever grateful to her." To this day, the eccentric Trendy still shows up on the occasional red carpet and is followed by the paparazzi. (11/17/2010)

Anna Nicole Smith's Death: 6 Years Later

It's been six years since Anna Nicole Smith overdosed in a Florida hotel room on February 8, 2007. Find out what has happened to her family, friends, and hangers-on since. - By Kathleen Perricone, omg!