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2013 Maui Film Festival At Wailea - Night 2

Delaware: Ryan Phillippe
Birthplace: New Castle
Fun Fact: "The Lincoln Lawyer" actor grew up in the First State, where his mom ran a daycare center out of their home and his dad punched the clock at a DuPont chemical plant. As a student at New Castle Baptist Academy, he played soccer and basketball, and earned a black belt in tae kwon do to combat local bullies. Despite running into some trouble in his working class family's "rough" neighborhood, the 38-year-old still loves returning home to visit. His first stop? Capriotti's Sandwich Shop. "For some inexplicable reason, they cannot make those sandwiches anywhere else on the planet," he told Delaware%20Online%20in%202008.%20"Whenever%20I%20get%20back,%20my%20mom%20either%20has%20it%20waiting%20f" target="_blank">Delaware Online in 2008. "Whenever I get back, my mom either has it waiting for me or we go and pick it up."

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