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Lindsay Lohan

HIGH: 'Mean Girls' (2004)
The trademark film for Lindsay Lohan's generation has to be 2004's "Mean Girls." The then-18-year-old starlet was "so fetch" in the flick, which really captured what it's like to be in high school and provided countless quotes that fans continue to use to this day. Lohan also got a kick of working alongside "Saturday Night Live's" Tina Fey, who wrote and starred in the popular movie that grossed over $125 million worldwide. During an interview with IGN, Lohan described her experience with Fey: "It wasn't intimidating. It was fun. Tina was like, 'I've never worked on a movie before. This is scary for me.' Like, when she had her first day of shooting. And I was like, 'No, no. We're gonna have fun. It will be awesome!' It was kinda of cool that I was telling her that."

Lindsay Lohan Is 27: Relive Her 27 Highest Highs and Lowest Lows

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