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Jennifer Hudson popped a cute pose upon arriving at the Do Something Awards in Hollywood in a printed blouse and black shorts, which she accessorized with fierce pointy pumps and plenty of gold bling. The 31-year-old singer was recognized at the event for starting up the Julian D. King Gift Foundation along with her sister, Julia, in honor of their late nephew. The foundation aims to be a catalyst for change in children's health, education, and welfare. In 2011, the organization also created Hatch Day, which is celebrated on August 14 and also happened to be Julian's birthday. On Hatch Day, Jennifer and Julia give away school supplies to underprivileged children in Chicago. "People always ask me about the name Hatch Day," Hudson wrote in an article for the Chicago Sun-Times. "Julian loved parties, and he used to make up Hatch Day invitations every day to send to his family and friends. To this day we don’t know how he came up with the name, but now it does have a meaning: It's a day spent in his honor doing something he would have loved."

2013 Do Something Awards

Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Osbourne, and others hit the red carpet for the VH1 Do Something Awards, which celebrates young people looking to change the world.