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Nadya Suleman

Nearly four years after she shocked the world by giving birth to octuplets, Nadya Suleman did a good job of keeping her name in the news in 2012 for everything from filing for bankruptcy to making porn to heading to rehab. It all began in April when the single mother of 14’s hairdresser went to police after witnessing the youngest eight being locked outside in their diapers and forced to use the bathroom on portable training potties in the backyard because the family’s toilets were broken inside … and all while Octomom got her hair styled. A few days later, she filed for bankruptcy with debts totaling nearly $1 million as she also faced eviction for failing to pay her mortgage for over a year. But Octomom was able to pull herself out of debt – by making a solo porn video, which she then promoted by stripping at a nightclub in Florida. Although she managed to find her family of 15 a brand new home in October, shortly thereafter Octomom checked into rehab for a dependency to Xanax just before Halloween.

Biggest Celebrity Turkeys of 2012

Lindsay Lohan, Octomom, and Hulk Hogan are just a few of the celebs who stuffed us full of their nonsense this year.