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Donald Trump

Can we fire Donald Trump? After his longtime nemesis Rosie O’Donnell’s prime-time talk show was canned in March, he took zero pity on the woman he once called a “pig.” "Rosie O'Donnell has failed again,” blasted Trump. “Her ratings were abysmal and Oprah cancelled her …” He was back to his misogynistic ways in early April when he disqualified a transgender model from competing in his Miss Universe pageant. When the contestant’s attorney Gloria Allred said in a press conference that her client didn’t make Trump prove his gender, the “Apprentice” boss fired back with this classy retort: “I think Gloria would be very very impressed with [my penis]." In October, Trump turned his sights on Barack Obama, whom he has long-accused of not really being American. Less than two weeks before the election, he challenged the president to release his college transcripts, which would contain his passport information, in exchange for Trump donating $5 million to the charity of Obama’s choice. Trump swore that this “bombshell” was going to change the election and Mitt Romney would win … but we all know how well that worked out.

Biggest Celebrity Turkeys of 2012

Lindsay Lohan, Octomom, and Hulk Hogan are just a few of the celebs who stuffed us full of their nonsense this year.