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Carol Channing
10. Carol Channing (Super Bowl IV, 1970): Granted, Carol Channing doesn't exactly scream "outrageous,” but she holds a place in Super Bowl history as the first non-marching-band entertainment. At Super Bowl IV, held in New Orleans, Channing performed a peppy tribute to Mardi Gras. Of such humble origins …

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10 Memorable Moments from Super Bowl Halftime Shows

February 1, 2013

The Super Bowl halftime show used to be a time when viewers around the world would reload their nacho/wing plates and make their pit stops, hopefully not simultaneously. Now, though, the halftime show has established itself as must-watch; more people watched last year's show with Madonna than watched the actual game. To keep the world's attention, you've got to bring some serious game. Here are the 10 most impressive moments from a half-century of halftime shows. Hold onto your wardrobes. – By Jay Busbee, Yahoo! Sports