Zooey Deschanel and Her 'New Girl' Posse Preview the Season 2 Finale While Gushing About Taylor Swift

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SPOILER ALERT! This post contains information about key plot points in Tuesday's episode of "New Girl." If you haven't watched it yet, continue at your own risk

The ep, titled "Virgins," featured the gang just sitting around sharing and comparing stories about losing their virginity, which eventually led to the game-changing moment viewers have all been waiting for: Nick (Jake Johnson) and Jess (Zooey Deschanel) did it.

But now that that's done, the questions are endless. Are Nick and Jess boyfriend and girlfriend? Are they going to attend Cece's (Hannah Simone) wedding together? And wait -- Taylor Swift is at Cece's wedding?

We hit up the red carpet before a "New Girl" screening and Q&A event Tuesday night in North Hollywood, California, hoping to get our burning questions about the Season 2 finale answered, including what it's really like working with a superstar like Swift. Deschanel and her onscreen besties are steel traps, but we tried.

Deschanel and Swift Go Way Back

They're both whimsical, stylish, and multifaceted, so it comes as no surprise that Swift and Deschanel have crossed paths in the past.

"I love her," said Deschanel. "She's really great, superfunny. I knew her before. She's a wonderful person -- very funny, a good actress, and very professional."

Maybe now that they've made TV together, they'll cut an album together?

"Gosh," said Deschanel. "I don't know. I hadn't thought about that. Hmmm."

Deschanel later discussed her songwriting technique, saying, "I'm not a person who writes songs about my personal life," she admitted. "I'm a storyteller."

So really it would be great if they ever, ever got together to make music, because they have different approaches to songwriting. Perhaps Swift could bring it up with her new managers.

The 110 Percent Management Company in Action

"Max [Greenfield] and I are managers, and we signed her," Johnson deadpanned in a tone so serious we thought he might be, you know, serious. "I think she's going to be a star. Taylor, listen to your managers Jakey and Max of 110 Percent Management. We take 35 percent because we give you 110 percent. She is going to write a song about us called, 'My Managers Made Me a Star.'"

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In all seriousness, Johnson said Swift really is a star. "She hung out; she was fun. She did her scene perfectly every time, and I'm not just saying that. She's a professional. We all screw up and mess up, and she came and joked around, but when they called 'action,' she was on. I was really impressed. She really killed it."

Guest Star Gossip

While we're on the topic of guest stars, Johnson revealed his Season 3 celeb wish list, "I'd like to see Sam Rockwell on 'New Girl.' I'd also like to see Ted Danson come into the bar."

It's cheesy, but it has to be said: Cheers to that!

Lamorne Morris (Winston) said Jamie Lee Curtis and Rob Reiner were "easily the most intimidating. They were just awesome and very professional."

But who was a bad influence? "Justin Long," Morris said without missing a beat. "That was Season 1, and still to this day he wins that prize. Nick Kroll is a bad influence, too. Those guys are extremely funny and they don't stop, and sometimes it can be a bit too contagious where we have to tone it down and go, 'OK guys, we got to focus.'"

Any chance Swift would return?

"I don't know if [her] character would come back," Deschanel said. "It's not that they wouldn't want to see her back, but I don't know if she'd have a reason to come back."

The Wedding

Speaking of Swift's character, the country pop princess plays Elaine, a guest at Cece's nuptials and possibly the groom's ex. Is that "Speak Now" we hear in the background? And will Elaine team up with Schmidt to stop a couple of "I do's"?

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"I don't know if [Schmidt's] over-over Cece," said Greenfield, who earned an Emmy nomination last year for his role as Schmidt. "But I think he's come to terms with the fact that she's moved on and is marrying this Shivrang character."

So perhaps there won't be any mishaps when Cece and Shivrang exchange vows, but that doesn't mean the wedding will be free of shenanigans.

"There is some espionage," said Morris. "Let's say there is an open bar. I'm not gonna tease that. ... There's a lot of espionage. Chaos ensues."

"Nick doesn't get any more drunk than usual," Johnson shared. "He keeps his head on straight. I don't think I dance in the finale. Thank heavens. I am a terrible dancer."

We think he means terribly awesome! Case in point (at the one-minute mark):

"I will say Jake Johnson pulled it off. You see him every day in a flannel and a hoodie, and he looks like a homeless person," Morris said about the dapper duds the dudes will be rocking in the finale. "Shivrang wears a luxurious Indian sari. He looks incredible. It's bedazzled. It's got sparkles, doing his thing ready to get married."

The Dress

The boys won't be the only ones looking good in the finale.

The TV bride won't say if she's wearing a ring in Season 3. "That you will have to see," said Simone. "But I was very surprised by the choices that [creator] Liz [Meriwether] made around how to shoot this wedding."

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Ask Simone about Cece's wedding dress, and the actress can't say enough. "I went with the head of costumes down to Little India [in Los Angeles] and did a fitting, which was amazing because of the colors and materials and the sheer weight of the dress."

Deschanel loves Jess's bridesmaid dress, too, even without the Little India field trip. "Hannah went downtown? I don't have time. She has days off. I don't have any days off. I can't go downtown."

Too busy because she's shooting more scenes with Johnson? Which leads us to…

Are Nick and Jess going to stay together?

Greenfield doesn't know the answer to that all-important question, but he did say, "Schmidt's hoping that Nick moves in with Jess and he can get into Nick's room and start cleaning and taking those f---ing sweatshirts and burn them in an incinerator."

Deschanel coyly answered, "Everybody feels different, but no one is more confused than Nick and Jess."

"I will say Nick and Jess come to a real crossroads. And their relationship gets defined, either good or bad, in the finale," Johnson divulged. More tears or screaming, we asked? "You see both. I think that's a fine line."

The season finale of "New Girl" airs Tuesday, 5/14 at 9 PM on Fox.

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