Top Searches: #2 iPhone 5

Vera H-C Chan
Yahoo! News

Anticipation for the iPhone 5, in a post-Steve Jobs era, helped fuel the smartphone's record-breaking sales: More than 5 million were sold within three days of its Sept. 21 launch. That, plus an iPod touch reboot and the iPad mini, helped solidify Apple's status as the most valuable company in history.

As with all devices, there were glitches. Previously, the iPhone had problems with its antenna (and the so-called death grip). This time, ire centered on the decision to swap Google Maps in favor of Apple Maps, in which transit routes and entire towns were reportedly missing. Apple promised better things would come, and one employee may have lost his job over the debacle. The iPhone even became the target of a countersuit by Samsung, which claimed that the design infringed on its patents—the suit was filed after the Korean electronics company was ordered to pay Apple $1.05 billion for its own patent infringement.