'The X-Files' 10 Most 'Shippable Moments

Jarett Wieselman
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'The X-Files' 10 Most 'Shippable Moments

Growing up I was a massive fan of The X-Files. And I don't mean that in a "Oh, cool show, I'll watch" kind of way. I went to conventions. I collected memorabilia. I dreamt of the day Mulder and Scully finally consummated their mutual love in a wild display of passion that would make their alien observers blush. As a result of all these inappropriate emotions, I also put way too much thought into Gillian Anderson's real life relationship with David Duchovny.

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Tabloids were littered with stories about the two of them hating one another by the time The X-Files wrapped up its run, while trustworthy people on set constantly recounted stories that made my heart sigh. Of their final scene together, in series finale The Truth, episode director Kim Manners said, "We got the shot, and we cut it and printed it; the nurse came and took the baby away and David put his arms around Gillian, and she put her arms around him, and they stood there for about 10 minutes ... It was truly one of the most emotional experiences I've ever witnessed in my life."

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I mean, come on! The truth was better than (fan) fiction. And yesterday, it appeared that the truth might also be based in fan fiction as it was reported Gillian and David have been living together since splitting with their significant others! Yes, that was the sound of a million geek jaws hitting the floor. Strike that, a million and one as mine is currently being scraped off the carpeting.

Now, there has been no official confirmation or denial from either actor's reps, so I can not speak to the validity of this assertion, but if it was possible to will a rumor into existence with sheer will, I have no doubt there would be an Andersovny wedding before the year was out.

Thankfully fans have plenty of sexually charged moments from the iconic series to lean on in times like these -- and since I have been thinking about many of them for the last 12 hours, here are my 10 Favorite 'Shippable Moments!

One Breath - Season Two, Episode 8
Mulder holds Scully's hand while she's comatose in the hospital.

Red Museum - Season Two, Episode 10
Mulder wipes food off Scully's face.

Irresistible - Season Two, Episode 13
Scully is kidnapped by a psycho and after a particularly violent struggle with her captor that results in her escape, Scully breaks down in Mulder's arms.

The Field Where I Died - Season Four, Episode 5
Mulder and Scully learn they were together in their past lives.

Small Potatoes - Season Four, Episode 20
In pursuit of Eddie Van Blundht -- a shapeshifter -- Mulder is trapped while Eddie takes on his visage and pays Scully a visit. She's about to kiss the man she believes to be Mulder when the real Mulder breaks in and stops the lip-lock from happening

Redux/Redux II - Season Five, Episodes 1 and 2
The mythology-heavy episodes were not only favorites of Anderson and EP Frank Spotnitz, but it has been referred to as "the holy grail of shipperdom in season five."

Post-Modern Prometheus - Season Five, Episode 5
This glorious black and white homage to classic monster movies ends with Mulder and Scully slow-dancing ... to Cher.

How the Ghosts Stole Christmas - Season Six, Episode 8
After exploring, and falling prey to, a haunted house, Mulder and Scully exchange Christmas Presents.

Arcadia - Season Six, Episode 15
Mulder & Scully pose as Rob and Laura Petrie, a married couple, in order to stop a murder-prone creature.

Millennium - Season Seven, Episode 4
Six seasons and one movie in the making, this episode witnessed the first legitimate kiss between Mulder and Scully! Sure it happened under the guise of New Year's Eve, but the moment held such significance (for fans and for the characters), it became a turning point for their relationship. Creator Chris Carter called the kiss, "present for the fans."

Editor's Note: I favored moments that hinted at their love rather than explicitly showcased it (ie: Mulder & Scully actually dating)

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