Whoa! New 'Bill & Ted' Movie Not Bogus

David Weiner
The Insider
Keanu Spills 'Bill & Ted 3' Plot

Whoa! Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter apparently are quite serious about revisiting their classic Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure characters, with news surfacing that the long-rumored third film now has a director.

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Galaxy Quest director Dean Parisot is attached to direct the threequel, according to Vulture, with a new script from original Bill & Ted creators Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson. No word yet on what the plot revolves around, but it is said to be a continuation as opposed to a reboot, and surely it will involve time travel and have a moment of reverence for the dearly departed George Carlin, who played Bill and Ted's futuristic mentor, Rufus. And, of course, the texting generation will have to be introduced to the concept of a "phone booth."

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The last time we saw Ted Theodore Logan and Bill S. Preston, Esq. was in 1991, when they went on a Bogus Journey and had to save the future world from their evil robot twins and outwit the Grim Reaper himself (who eventually became their good buddy). Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure took the box office by surprise in 1989, putting San Dimas on the map and spawning not only the '91 sequel but a Saturday morning cartoon, a short-lived TV series, comics, video games and even Bill & Ted's Excellent Cereal.

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