Where Elisabeth Ends and Peggy Begins

Where Elisabeth Ends and Peggy Begins

Interviewing any of the stars of Mad Men is like trying to get blood from a stone since they are so well-trained in the art of non-answers, there's truly no point in trying to find out what's coming up on the AMC series.

After four seasons of learning this fact the hard way, I chose a different approach when chatting with actress Elisabeth Moss at an AMC party during TCA in January.

Insider.com: How excited are you for the show to finally be back?
Elisabeth Moss: We're all looking forward to it, hopefully as much as the audience is. It's been as long for us as it's been for you. In the other seasons, it started airing as we were shooting so we've always had that satisfaction of getting fan reactions as we were shooting. To be airing so long after we've finished shooting is new for us. I know it's frustrating for the fans -- I don't like to wait for new episodes of my shows either. But there's something fun about the anticipation. The Sopranos did it and The British always take a long time in between their seasons as well, so it's not like we're the first people to ever do it.

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Insider: Did you enjoy filming the show without any outside reaction?
Elisabeth: There is something enjoyable about shooting in a bubble. You try to make it as good as you can and there's no immediate reaction, which can be hard, but at the same time there is something nice about not having to deal with anyone else's thoughts until you're long gone [laughs].

Insider: I know all plot points are under lock-and-key, but is there anything you're at liberty to say about Peggy this year?
Elisabeth: All I can say is that I'm very happy with what I have this season – ecstatic, really. I've had more fun this season than any other season playing Peggy. I'm very proud of where she is and how far she's come since the pilot.

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Insider: Peggy really represents the "new woman" in this world, how has it been playing the woman blazing this trail?
Elisabeth: It's been a very exciting thing to play. And it gives you a lot to do because there's so much growth and change there. It's been fun to grow up with her. In a lot of ways, I feel like her and I are getting closer and closer to being the same person,. In the beginning, we were so different. I don't know if I'm becoming more like Peggy or she's becoming more like me, but either way, I love it.

Insider: The show has also set a finale date, how do you feel about this looming end?
Elisabeth: I think having an end in sight is part of the reason why this season has been so enjoyable. It's not like we feel relaxed, because you can never relax, but it feels like we can embrace it. We're going to be around and make more seasons, which is comforting and liberating.

Insider: Is there anything you hope to accomplish with Peggy before the show wraps up for good?
Elisabeth: I think a lot of us just hope to be around to the end [laughs]. We just want to be on the show when it finishes [laughs]. That's the most I can hope for.

Mad Men premieres March 25 on AMC.

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