The Voice's Melanie Martinez Explains Her 'Blanked Out' Moment With Christina Aguilera

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'The Voice's' Melanie Martinez -- Access Hollywood

"The Voice" got a bit awkward on Monday night during Christina Aguilera's critique of Melanie Martinez, but the singer told's Laura Saltman, she was simply just zoning out and not ignoring the pop star's comments.

"That was one of my kind of blanked out moments," the two-toned haired singer told Laura.

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After performing "The Show" by Lenka, the singer appeared distracted as Christina began her critique.

"Well, she's not even looking at me... It's OK!" Christina said with an awkward laugh during the broadcast.

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"I was just so zoned out," the 17-year-old explained.

Melanie stressed that she was not ignoring the coach's comments.

"I get really blanked out easily, I'm just so weird, I'm sorry," she continued. "I respect her for anything she has to say because she's awesome. She's amazing. You know all four coaches are amazing... It's very meaningful to me to even have a critique from them."

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Melanie also explained her new hair look, where one half of her hair (usually a blond shade) was blue - but just temporarily.

"[It's] just a spray," she told Laura. "It looks kind of like an airbrush thing... they kind of just spray it."

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"The Voice" announces the Final 4 tonight on NBC on 8/7c.

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