'The Voice' Undeterred By 'Idol' Judges Rift

Paige Mara Feigenbaum
The Insider
'The Voice' Undeterred By 'Idol' Judges Rift

Come the spring TV season, The Voice and American Idol will be battling it out in the boxing ring of primetime ratings. Host Carson Daly doesn't feel threatened by the competition, even with the recent rift between Idol judges Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj that has invoked curiosity.

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"We read and hear about the other shows and the things that are happening more recently, but… we don't look over our shoulders and produce this show based on what's happening elsewhere," he tells The Insider confidently. The Voice will also be introducing two new judges, Usher and Shakira, who will serve as substitutes for Cee Lo Green and Christina Aguilera while they take time to fulfill commitments in their individual careers.

Don't expect such escalated discord on The Voice. Although the coaches compete for the strongest singers, Cee Lo says he and his colleagues "truly do coexist" in harmony. "I believe that all of the functioning parts are just kind of fine-tuned and we've found that focus and that rhythm," he explains.

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With Carson egging him on, Cee Lo comments on Christina's voluptuous curves that even caught the attention of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton earlier this week. "Christina's got great tits," remarks the Forget You singer.

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When Carson isn't hearing the singers belt it out on the stage, his one-month-old daughter Etta Jones hits high notes of her own at home. "She's eating constantly, so we're not getting a whole lot of sleep," reports the dad of two. His son Jack, three-and-a-half, is excited to bring his "baby sissy" to a taping of The Big Hand Show, as the toddler refers to The Voice based on its logo.

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The contestants bring out the gloves when they enter the ring for the battle round of The Voice on Monday, October 8 on NBC. Tune in for a new twist.

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