Victoria Beckham's 'Dallas' dream

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Victoria Beckham, also known as Posh Spice, is apparently a fan of the TV series "Dallas." Or maybe she has a good sense of humor. Beckham tweeted two pictures featuring her own face morphed onto the body of original cast member Victoria Principal.

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Alluding to the classic series' famous twist, Beckham wrote, "Hello Dallas was all a dream!,love,Victoria Principal Beckham x vpb." It's not as random as it sounds. Beckham was visiting Dallas to help promote her new fashion line at Neiman Marcus.

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Whether or not Beckham is truly a dedicated follower of all things J.R. Ewing, we can't say for sure. But she certainly has skills when it comes to digital photo manipulation. Beckham took care to leave Principal's hair intact in the photos.

It's worth noting that "Dallas" has been rebooted in recent years. And while many of the original cast members returned to the redux, Principal did not come back as Pamela Barnes Ewing. Perhaps Beckham would like to fill in? Hey, James Franco acted on "General Hospital" -- anything is possible.