'Steel Magnolias' - Two Decades Later

Jarett Wieselman
The Insider

Julia Roberts and Sally Field were just two of the famous faces who came out to honor Shirley MacLaine at last night's AFI Lifetime Achievement Celebration, which led to several, unofficial, Steel Magnolias reunions since all three women starred in the seminal Southern film.

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Naturally I fell into a deep YouTube coma after seeing Shelby and M'Lynn sharing a laugh -- something they didn't get to do much of in the 1989 film, which is approaching its 25th Anniversary.

Here's hoping 2014 serves up a massive celebration of the oft-quoted film -- my idea: a blush and bashful-colored banquet hall, where nothing but pigs in a blanket and armadillo cake are served as everyone drinks their juice while getting their hair done and mustaches waxed as we read back issues of Southern Hair Magazine and listen to Dolly Parton records. Who's in?

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