Saleen Tesla Model S Will be One Hotted-Up EV

Jeff Perez

If there’s one thing Steve Saleen knows how to do, it’s Mustangs. But Steve and the whole Saleen brand are much, much more than that — and they’re ready to show the world what they can really do.

Enter: Saleen Tesla Model S. And no, that’s not a typo.


Saleen teased us a few months back with the idea of an electric car. Whether it would be solely produced by Saleen or a hopped-up variation of another car had yet to be determined. But Saleen announced recently plans to give the Tesla Model S a monster makeover. Power, looks — the whole nine yards.

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So far details are still slim, but Saleen promises that the Tesla will be transformed into a proper electric supercar. Saleen does promise though that the Model S will feature “a revolutionary design all our own,” and that the 416 horsepower will be given a boost.


We’ll just have to wait and see what this Saleen infused Tesla will really be like.

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