Ryan Gosling gets coloring book in his honor

omg! from Yahoo!

Hey girl, let’s color until the sun comes up.

Ryan Gosling has become immortalized in a 15-page book of black-and-white sketches of the heartthrob called Colour Me Good: Ryan Gosling that is being sold on a British site called ILoveMel.me, which also hocks paper dolls of Lady Gaga and Beyonce.

The pictures of Gosling to be colored are various shots from his career (stills from “The Notebook” and “Blue Valentine”), magazine pictorials, red carpet shots – and, of course, that scene from “Crazy Stupid Love,” which prompted Emma Stone’s character to ask if he was Photoshopped!

On the back page of the book, it says to “Use your felt tips to color in Ryan Gosling driving, eating, kissing, standing, walking, and all manner of handsome activities!"

Just remember to stay inside the lines …

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